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Pattern Drafting and Sewing Courses at Dubai International Art Center

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This season two new courses, Basic Pattern Drafting and Sewing and Construction, have turned out to be hugely popular at The Dubai International Art Center (DIAC). Those with an interest in sewing have the opportunity to learn the techniques from seasoned instructor Tsufa Bijelic. The new courses target the beginners as well as those who wish to advance their skills.

The first course, Basic Pattern Drafting, is an introduction into the basic pattern design and drafting process for women’s wear, from development and adaptations through to realisation of a complete detailed pattern draft ready for cutting. Hence, this course is suitable for beginners, those with some basic or commercial pattern experience, and those who want to refresh their pattern drafting techniques.

According to Ayesha Chen McKeever, Chairwoman of DIAC, “There is a creative gene in all of us as we all enjoy the process of making things or reinventing old ones. All one needs is someone to show you the way. Both sewing and pattern drafting are great activities that are fun and relaxing.”

The Basic Pattern Drafting course aims to consolidate the basic principles, practice and techniques of pattern drafting using the simple skirt in your own measurements, then the bodice, sleeve, trousers and full dress. Various drafting techniques of silhouettes, necklines, hem finishes and design details that complete the garment style are part of the course.

“Upon completion of this course, your knowledge and apprehension of the pattern drafting techniques will give you a strong base and knowledge with which you will confidently be able to explore the more creative pattern drafting,” Ayesha said.

The second course, Sewing and Construction, combines the opportunity to practice the various sewing techniques demonstrated at the beginning of each class and simultaneously construct the garments using the patterns completed from the Pattern Drafting Course or generic patterns provided by the instructor.

Ayesha said, “This course is suitable for both beginners as well as the more experienced. Each week’s class is split into a few parts for beginners, while the experienced can also join in or work on their own projects. Upon completion of this course, your knowledge of the sewing and construction techniques will enhance the possibilities of a new approach to creative garment construction.”

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The Dubai International Art Centre is located in Villa 27, Street 75B, off Jumeirah Road, behind Town Center.

About Dubai International Art Centre
Few centres are associated with art as the DIAC. The emphasis is on small-group teaching and the centre prides itself on its friendly atmosphere and excellence. Here art immerses the students in learning. From the very beginning the space has been open to all – artists, students and public. Learning is a very sociable affair at DIAC that people with a creative bent truly enjoy with a group of like-minded persons. Its studios are unlike any classroom where one can feed one’s artistic spirit while expressing one’s creativity.

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