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The Prado 2014 Combines Off Road with Luxurious Comfort

Jeddah, October 2013: Abdul Latif Jameel Company (ALJ) recently revealed the new PRADO 2014.  The PRADO takes up a central position in the Land Cruiser family which has an excellent reputation to have tough and ‘virtually indestructible’ vehicles.

“The new PRADO – as a member of the Land Cruiser family – lives up to the tradition the brand. In addition to improving the basic functions, Toyota has created a top-of-the-range model – featuring state-of-the-art functions and luxurious fittings,” said Adel Ezzat, Managing Director of Marketing at Abdul Latif Jameel. “The new PRADO, which is available in 154 countries around the world - more than any other Japanese-made vehicle, focuses on actual performance in terms of reliability of chassis, frame, body, tires, engine, and powertrain and we believe we have a powerful car to present in the Saudi market.”


The new PRADO adopted “Intelligent and Modern” as the design theme, an image suited for any scene, from a Paris street corner to the Saudi desert. This styling is combined with excellent aerodynamics to achieve enhanced fuel economy as well as outstanding stability and maneuverability.

Structural elements drawn from the Land Cruiser’s heritage such as the high-positioned face, integrated structure of the headlamps and radiator grille, and the vertical two-step construction were used to express the characteristic powerful Land Cruiser image.

The radiator grille, with its thick metallic plated structure and five vertical bars which are sunken into the front bumper, express a tough image and a powerful pushed-forward impression which exceeds its class.

The headlamps feature LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) for the Low beam come in a distinctive rectangular structure, expressing an advanced impression and a keen look.

The rear combination lamps and license plate garnish are aligned horizontally to give a sense of continuation, expressing wide and stable styling.  The low horizontally-accented design of the large license plate garnish gives it an eye-catching appeal, further accentuating the low center of gravity impression. The new PRADO is available in 10 body colors and newly designed 17-inch and 18-inch aluminum wheels.


The “Intelligent and Modern” design theme carried out on the exterior was applied to the interior as well, aiming to achieve an intelligent and sophisticated interior befitting of a vehicle of this caliber. The new PRADO offers great handling and unrivaled interior space and seat arrangement.

The adoption of a radically new switch configuration permits a dramatic improvement in user-friendliness, creating a high quality and intuitive atmosphere.

Incorporating the latest features, such as a state-of-the-art air conditioning system, JBL premium audio, convenient peripheral monitors and the smart entry and start system, the PRADO offers customers a massive enhancement in interior functionality. Furthermore, a variety of seat arrangements and increased storage space realizes versatility and comfort that has never been easier to take advantage of.


The PRADO is a clear leader in terms of off-road and on-road driving performance combining a powerful and fuel efficient engine with a time-tested highly acclaimed transmission on top of an easy to use full-time 4WD system and KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System) which allows for an unbeatable combination of comfort and the ability to go anywhere on- or off-road.

Multi-terrain Select (MTS) available on models with the 5-speed automatic transmission, displays operational procedures while optimally controlling acceleration dynamics. Selecting one of the five available modes (Rock, Mogul, Loose Rock, or Mud & Sand), prompts the system to provide easy to understand guidance while optimally controlling the throttle and brakes to help empower even beginners to successfully negotiate the roughest terrain.

The Multi Terrain Monitor (MTM) is used in conjunction with MTS to help drivers confirm their surroundings when driving off-road. The driver can select a view from the front, side, and rear cameras to easily check the vehicle blind spots and confirm their surroundings.



Continuing to advance the durability, reliability, and strength inherited by the PRADO pedigree, the new PRADO also achieves less cabin noise to offer a sense of security and outstanding ride comfort both on- and off-road. High-tension sheet steel is used to maintain a lightweight design while raising both strength and rigidity.


The PRADO offers world-class occupant protection equipment, multiple SRS airbags and the latest brake and vehicle control technology are all adopted alongside a body construction that takes pedestrian protection and collision compatibility into consideration, providing an outstanding level of all-around safety befitting the PRADO title.


Reducing engine fuel consumption and drive train friction losses alongside improved aerodynamics achieves world-class low CO2 emissions. Additional efforts were made to increase recyclable materials and reduce those harmful to the environment, in keeping with the current global environmental movement.

Toyota Motor Corporation is exclusively represented in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Abdul Latif Jameel Company (ALJ) in a fifty year partnership that has grown to be the exclusive dealership in the kingdom and the biggest Toyota independent distributor in the world.  

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