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Two top Emirati students participated in the French National Chemistry Olympiad

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Abu Dhabi, June 22nd 2013 -  Two Grade 12 Emirati students from one of Abu Dhabi Education Council’s (ADEC’s) public schools are due to compete at the 2013 French National Chemistry Olympiad in Paris for their outstanding performance at the qualifying examination.

The 2013 French National Chemistry Olympiad is an annual exam which involves competitors drawn from French-language schools outside of France, including the UAE, Spain, Belgium, Colombia, USA, Congo, Haiti and Madagascar.

Borouge, a leading provider of innovative, value creating plastics solutions, honoured the two students from Abu Dhabi for their participation in the chemistry Olympiad.

The students, Ahmed Bader Alhashmi and Mohamed Khalifa Al-Ali, who ranked 62 and 81 out of a total of 266 students who participated in the Olympiad from all the French schools abroad, are studying at the Abu Dhabi-based Al Ittihad Model School which follows a customised Lycée Louis le Grand (LLG) French curriculum in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, but in English.

Mr. Humaid Abdullah, ADEC's Student Affairs Division Manager, spoke about the initiative. He said: “This is the second time Emirati students from the Al Ittihad Model School participate in the qualifying examination for the 2013 French National Chemistry Olympiad, and we look forward to encouraging more qualified students to take part in the competition, since it helps boosts their confidence, gives them on-hands experience as well as exposes them to different methods in chemistry. ADEC is proud of its students for their high achieving ranks and wishes them success in their higher education journey and career path.”

Both students will be competing at the French LLG School in Paris, where they will win prize-money, vouchers, computers, medals of appreciation and a diploma. This diploma will be granted to the top three finalists to study at the “Academia de Sciences”. 

Both Ahmed and Mohamed are very much interested in learning more about Chemistry and to be more involved with real chemical experiments. The Olympiad was the best opportunity for them to demonstrate their skills at the stream of science they like. The Olympiad aims to encourage students to engage in graduate science studies and develop an interest in Chemistry with special emphasis on major technical inputs, risks, safety of devices and products and their impact on the environment.

During the award ceremony held at the Al Ittihad Model School, Mr. Sulaiman Al Hammadi, Manager of the UAE Nationals Development Department at Human Capabilities at Borouge spoke about how having Emirati students from the same school competing internationally in Chemistry for the second successive year makes everyone proud,

Recognizing the outstanding achievements of our Emirati students who excelled in Chemistry is in line with our social responsibility through which we provide support to the members of our society,” said Mr. Al Hammadi.

One of the participating students, Ahmed Bader Alhashmi, explained that he joined the LLG pilot class due to appreciating a variety of routines. “We are learning how and when to create and use the tools in order to solve problems and not just apply them. Joining the LLG pilot class helped us improve our English language skills especially that we are already being taught in English and will continue our college studies in English too,” he said.

The second student, Mohamed Khalifa Al-Ali also appreciates the chance he and his friend have been given to participate and compete internationally in Chemistry. "We joined the Olympiad because we like Chemistry. It was very entertaining because in Chemistry we do a lot of cool and interesting stuff and at the same time it is fun. For us, it is also a perfect way to meet many people as it gives different prospective about another education system and culture. Chemistry Olympiads allow us to learn new methods and ways to deal with chemistry which will diversify our general knowledge of it."

The students trainers said they have well prepared for the competition as their interest in Chemistry combined with their efforts and serious behaviour led them to reach a good level and obtain an advanced rank among the 266 competing students.

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