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Epiq Nation

Posted Mon 18 Jul 2011 10:27:24 am in News, Business | By News Desk

Tanzania, Dar Al Salam & Abu Dhabi:- “Etisalat Zantel” has partnered with “Mobilera” to offer “Epiq Nation” the new youth lifestyle product which is  much more than just great rates for mobile phones and internet services.

“Epiq Nation” will provide the Tanzanian`s youth with unprecedented services where they can have access to exclusive deals, discounts, experiences and competitions. This offer aims at improving the lives of the youth in Tanzania and meets their hunger for new technologies and products.

 Mr. Essa Al Haddad, Group Chief Marketing Officer said “Zantel is the home of youth and is well known in providing innovative products and services that cater for the youth needs.  We are thrilled today to have greater than expected youth customers  who signed up for this offer in just few days after launch.

Commenting on “Zantel” and “Mobilera” partnership “Al Haddad said “partnership   is the name of the game, we at “Zantel” believe innovation is a day to day activity to deliver value for the whole mobile ecosystem through faster adoption of breakthrough technologies. All the way through such innovative partnership will create extra platforms for innovators, industry suppliers and the Mobile community at large to join into one community the “Mobile Innovations”.

 ” Zantel” always listen to what customers needs and provide them with a true value for what they pay money for. It is not about how much cheaper the product is, it is about the value extracted from this product and the experience our customers have when they choose “Zantel” as their first choice communications provider .Al Haddad added.

 Haddad concluded “Zantel” adopts best of mobile innovation and drive integration of product development and strategies to meet end user needs and offers unique benefits to members of our community. To leverage on “Epiq Nation” our customers can also benefited from a number of value added services (from our  business`s partners)  such as Samsung, Marrybrown, Samki Samki, Funspot and much, much  more.  

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