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Australian International School

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Location: Maliha, Kalba, Sharjah
Tel: +971 6 558 9967 / +971 6 533 7722
Fax: +971 6 558 9968


To prepare our students for the twenty–first century, AIS ensures that students have skills that will equip them for life long learning. Students must be literate and numerate. They must have the ability to use information and communication technologies. They must develop creative and critical thinking skills and acquire the ability to work cooperatively. Importantly, they must develop the ability to direct their own learning. They must also develop an international awareness and an intercultural understanding in all that they do.  
We encourage students to develop the attributes of a lifelong learner. These include being a:

Knowledgeable person with deep understanding
Complex thinker
Creative person
Active investigator
Effective communicator
Participant in an interdependent world
Reflective and self directive learner

Our curriculum is designed from the early years to year 12 with students following a clear and well planned pathway to tertiary education. One of the key differences at the Australian International School is our teachers. All our class teachers are high quality professionals, drawn from Australasian schools, with a sound understanding of children and the ways in which learning opportunities can be structured to ensure enhanced learning outcomes for students. Learning should be fun, challenging but interesting too, and at our school it is!
The Australian International School is quality assured by Education Queensland. Quality Assurance is an ongoing process that ensures the delivery of agreed standards. A quality assurance check is made each year and a report based on these dimensions is presented. The Australian International School is the first Australian school in the Middle East and also the first occasion where the state government of Queensland has entered into a partnership to provide the Queensland curriculum ‘off shore’. 

Schools in Queensland have a long tradition of preparing young people for their future in a global economy. This requires schools to adopt new technologies and new teaching techniques within a rapidly changing environment to ensure that children are well prepared for the lives that they will live. At the Australian International School we pride ourselves on delivering a futures focused approach to education.

To ensure a quality international/intercultural education which prepares students for their futures in a global economy.

Our School Motto:
Reach for the stars!

Our Key Values:

We are committed to: (PRIDE)

Professionalism - committing to the highest standards of accountability and performance
Respect - treating all people with respect and dignity
Innovation and creativity - fostering an environment that supports innovative, safe and creative practice
Differentiation - ensuring programs support individual students to work at their own rate and level.
Excellence - supporting the pursuit of excellence